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Everyone knows these beautiful songs like Stairway to Heaven.

At every party there's always someone who plays guitar.

Wouldn't it be great if this someone is YOU.

Even if you cannot read one single note, I will teach you to play this and other songs like in te list below

using  TABS, chord-diagrams and specially during the online lessons with Skype.

Everone can learn to play guitar

  • Stairway to Heaven,

  • Streets of London, Blowin' in the Wind, Power to all my friends

  • Vincent (Starry Starry Night), Horse with no name

  • If, and other songs of Bread

  • Yesterday, Obladi, Michelle, Nowhere Man, Fool on the Hill, etc.

  • Riders on a Storm,

  • House of the Rising Sun,

  • Girl of Ipanema, Autumn Leaves, etc

Ofcourse I can teach you how to read notes and play classic guitar.


I offer:

  • Individual guitar tuition and professional approach with modern technology.

  • Guitar lessons by a graduated and experienced teacher  (Diplom).

  • High quality for an affordable price. Click here for rates and policy.

  • Home service private guitar lessons.

  • Free books and other requirements .

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • You only need a laptop, tablet or Ipad, webcam and headset.

  • All kinds of style possible like classical guitar, chords, strumming, plucking bosa nova, etc.


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