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Skypeguitarlessons.net: learn to play guitar

 online via Skype or Facetime

Online private guitarteacher, where ever you are.

Guitarlessons, one on one, online with Skype of Facetime. Also available in Dutch !

If you apply now: rate per lesson of half an hour starting at 15 EUR. (See also Rates)

Guitarist Michiel Paulus for online guitar lessons with a live video and audioconnection.
You simple follow these lessons in your own house sitting behind your laptop or tablet (iPad) using the free software Skype or FaceTime for the Mac.

  • A personal and professional approach using modern technology, suiting in this time.

  • Live guitarlessons in your livingroom via full screen  of your laptop, tablet or iPad.

  • Using a special wire you can even watch on your TV or with a beamer.

  • You only need a computer, laptop, tablet, webcam, headset and of course a guitar ;).

  • Special technical knowledge of the computer is not needed.

Playing guitar is a fantastic hobby and will give you a lot of pleasure.

You just can play guitar in your house, at a campfire, in a band. You can accompagny a singer, an instrumentalist or yourself. The guitar is such a versatile and all around instrument. Is is used in almost any musicstyle. From classical to rock. Renaissance, romantic, worldmusic, filmmusic. It  is a marvelous instrument to play.


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